Cyclists don’t pay for the road!

Talk to any bike hater and you will hear the same tired arguments.  They have become cliché.  They include: ‘Cyclists don’t pay for the road!  They should not be allowed to use them.’ or ‘Cyclists never follow the rules of the road.’ or ‘All cyclists should pay registration and have a license.’  Blech!  If I had a dollar for every time I heard one of these stupid comments, I would… Read More »

My nemesis.

Every day on my commute, I come face to face with my nemesis.  The Spokane street Bridge.  The Spokane Street Bridge is a concrete double leaf swing bridge.  Here is more information if you are an engineering nerd.    The bridge is a very popular cycling route connecting West Seattle to Downtown Seattle.  There have been over 250,000 bike crossings over the bridge so far this year.  Here are some numbers.… Read More »

Review: 2016 Trek Edmonda SLR 6

Review: 2016 Trek Edmonda SLR 6 Any week long bike tour can be a bit of a haul.  That is even true of RAGBRAI.  On Sunday, I rode over 80 miles and 3,900 feet of elevation gain on my Giant.  On Monday, got wet riding the 2016 Trek Madone 70+ miles.  Here is a link to the review.  On Tuesday, I was back on my trusty steed and I completed… Read More »

My New Favorite Lube!

My New Favorite Lube!   Too much friction in a relationship is certainly an unpleasant experience.  Friction can lead to creaking grinding and damage to the delicate equipment of your undercarriage.  Lube is your friend!  If you are not thinking about lubrication, I can guarantee that your partner is.  Well maybe not…  Actually I am talking about the relationship between you and your bike and the lube I am referring… Read More »

Bike Packing 101

Bike Packing 101 I have now participated in three RAGBRAI’s.  That is three times I have had to pack my bike up in a box and hope she is not damaged in the process.  I have learned a lot over the last three years.  I no longer trust the animals at TSA to touch my baby.  I am convinced that they open the box, hit everything with a hammer and… Read More »

Review: 2016 Trek Madone 9

Review: 2016 Trek Madone 9 I like to think of myself as a much better cyclist than I actually am.  In my mind’s eye, I am a strong, fast cyclist who can crush other cyclists on any terrain.  The physical evidence does not back this up.  At 6’-2” and north of 220 pounds I don’t have the classic cyclist’s physique.  Even at my ideal weight, many hardcore cyclist would view… Read More »

The RAGBRAI 2015 experience.

The RAGBRAI 2015 experience.  RAGBRAI 2015 was my third RASGBRAI.  I have written about the previous year’s adventures in the blog, but I wonder if my silly words really do the experience justice.  This year, instead of trying to explain the delightful pandemonium of RAGBRAI I thought I might try to show you with a photo essay.     Well there you have it!  It was advertised to be about… Read More »

Live Wheelbuilding!

Live Wheelbuilding! It is easy to argue that building your own wheels is a waste of time. Complete wheels sets are often available for a lower price than the individual parts. Wheel building take a lot of practice Wheel building is a slow tedious project. The tools to build wheels are not cheap. Despite all of this, I still feel it is a good idea to learn to build your… Read More »

Team Earworm

I will be leaving for RAGBRAI in less than a month.  After a tough year both personally and professionally, RAGBRAI will be a great escape.  There is a lot of work to be done, before the ride, but since I am riding solo, there is not a lot of coordination to be done. However, it would be fun to ride with a team!  I have even put some thought into… Read More »

A new hope…

A new hope…   Blogging came to me out of necessity.  I started the BUTTCRACK Blog to get people to my website and hopefully to buy CYCLEBUTTCRACK Jerseys, T-shirts and eventually stickers.  To my amazement, I actually started to enjoy blogging.  Even more surprising, people started reading and following my blog.  I have been recognized by strangers on bike rides thanks to my blog.  I average over 2,000 views a… Read More »