Stupid Cycling Laws. Do you know how to stop them?

Stupid Cycling Laws.  Do you know how to stop them? Here we are in the middle of January 2015.  The new year is still shiny, brand new, and full of potential.  Plans are optimistic and hopes are high.   All the promises of the year to come have yet to be broken.  And that brings us to politics.  This is the time of the State of the Union Address and in… Read More »

Vintage Bike Review: 1989 Cannondale ST1000

Vintage Bike Review:  1989 Cannondale ST1000 There is a surplus of sad, neglected and perfectly good used bikes available.  Vintage bikes often have low mileage, are in great shape and are ready to be brought back to life.  Just check your local Craigslist and your are likely to find hundreds of vintage bikes for sale.  They range from pre-war heirlooms worth thousands of dollars to new-ish K-mart bikes for free and… Read More »

2015 Resolutions and FREE stickers?!

2015 Resolutions and FREE stickers?!   The end of the year is a time for reflection.  A time to look back on where you have been and a time to look towards the future.  Lets be honest, most people just don’t care.  Check your social media connections, look at all the new years wishes and resolutions that people post.  How many do you actually read?  So why in the hell… Read More »

Free CYCLEBUTTCRACK BEER Jersey and care tips!

Free CYCLEBUTTCRACK BEER Jersey and care tips!   The CYCLBUTTCRACK Cycling Jersey empire does not provide much, but it does provide me plenty of jerseys for my cycling activities.  Surprisingly I set aside only four jerseys for my personal use.  Frankly, I don’t treat them well.  They get a lot of use.  I take naps in the grass at rest stops during RAGBRAI.  I wash them with regular clothes.  On… Read More »

Review: Canari Ascent Shorts

Review: Canari Ascent Shorts The price of cycling gear can be ridiculous!  A high quality pair of bib shorts can be $300 or more.  I bought a pair of Pearl Izumi Elite shorts last year and loved them.  Here is the review.  I do my best to buy quality gear, and I get as much use from it as possible.  Last summer, while preparing for RAGBRAI, the costs were really… Read More »

Local Bike Shop: Velo Bike Shop, Seattle

Local Bike Shop: Velo Bike Shop, Seattle I have been riding for quite a while.  Most maintenance tasks I can handle on my own.  I can do anything from adjusting my brakes to truing a wheel.  I am even getting the hang of derailleur adjustment.  Even so I still rely on my local bike shop for a second opinion, advice or the projects I don’t feel comfortable tackling on my own.… Read More »

The Seattle Bike Show. It’s Back

I wrote a post about the cancellation of the Seattle Bike Expo. Cancelled – The Seattle Bike Expo   I was surprised and upset.  The expo has been a bust in recent years, but surely a city with a thriving bike culture can support a bike expo.  Well it really does look like someone has been reading my blog.  I was excited to get this e-mail:   Hi Lance, We’re… Read More »

BEER Jerseys at LOWERCASE Brewing!!!

It has been a while since I discovered LOWERCASE Brewing.  I was pushing through a dark, cold winter commute when I saw a glowing open sign in an otherwise quiet street in South Park.  I had to stop.  I like to call this tip my Accidental BEER Run.  LOWERCASE is in a convenient location.  Perhaps a little too convenient, since LOWERCASE sits right on the Duwamish trail route a couple miles… Read More »

REBLOG: Adelaide

REBLOG:  Adelaide With over 100 posts under my belt, you might assume that I have this blogging thing down.  Clearly that is not the case.  This is my first attempt at a re-blog.  I hope that I am following all the correct protocol.  I certainly want to credit the author and encourage those of you to read this to reach out to the author and offer your support.  Here is… Read More »

Best football tradition ever!

As one might expect from a red blooded American boy such as myself.  I am a big fan of the funny shaped brown ball that gets throws around in the fall and winter.  I played football in grade school, Junior High and High School.  I even considered playing at the collegiate level, but thankfully realized that was a really stupid idea for a number of reasons.  I left football behind and… Read More »