Presidential Cycling Debate.

By | October 12, 2012

In honor of the debates, I thought I would dig up some photos of candidates on bicycles.  I found this photo of Obama on a bicycle.  Ugh…  Mr. President is not exactly inspiring confidence with his ride.  At least he is wearing a helmet.  Then Senator Obama was riding a Trek commuter with a flat tire, and what is up with that fender?  It looks like a tail!  The only  thing missing from that bike is a basket.  When we are talking cycling prowess with recent presidents, I hate to admit it, but it is hard to beat President George W. Bush.  

Now here is George W. Bush, also with a Trek.  However, this bike is not commuter.  I believe this is a Trek Fuel full suspension mountain bike featuring disc brakes.  This blows President Obama’s puny commuter away! President Bush also looks like he has put in a few miles on the trails.  Sidi shoes, clipless pedals, hydration pack.  There is even a couple of work stands in the background!  I am not so sure about the shorts and t-shirt, however I guess the public is not ready for the presidential giblets in bicycle shorts.  Those socks are a definite fail.  P-U!  So Bush set the bar in terms of cycling presidents.  How does Romney do?

The only pictures I could find of Romney are OLD.  Here we have Mr. Romney decked out in his Mormon missionary best on what can now be described as a classic utilitarian road bicycle.  Suit and tie on a bicycle? Not even on your mission, Mr. Romney, is that appropriate.  However, your mission was served in France, home of the most famous of bike races.  That does give you points.  However, you were likely unable to witness the race due to your mission obligations.  Where are your priorities?  When was the last time you were on a bike Mr. Romney?  In terms of cycling prowess, I have to reluctantly give the nod to Mr. Obama on his girly bike.  However, I did find the perfect bike for Mitt 🙂

Sadly I was unable to find images of Ryan and Biden on bikes.  That is a reason not to trust either of them.  However…  I assert that since they are Vice Presidential candidates, they really do not matter!