RAGBRAI 2014 Day 5 – A milestone, museums and Amish pie!

By | August 5, 2014
Mason City, IA campsite.  Tents as far as the eye can see.  Typical for RAGBRAI.

Mason City, IA campsite. Tents as far as the eye can see. Typical for RAGBRAI.

Mason City was fun and the best Hump Day Ever!  Thursday’s adventures would have me heading to Waverly, IA.   At RAGBRAI, every day’s adventure begins with breaking down camp, putting all your crap back in a bag and getting it to the baggage truck.  This may not seem like much until you consider that thousands of people are doing the exact same thing.  We are setting up tent cities that often dwarf the town we are in.  It is a major undertaking.  I do get annoyed that my bags are treated roughly or are left in a puddle…  But overall the RAGBRAI staff does a great job and is run by some really nice people and they do a great job keeping everything moving.

20140724_074700As was my tradition on this ride, I left without breakfast and stopped for breakfast when I get hungry.  It seems to have worked.  This year at RAGBRAI, I lost over 5 lbs.  Last year, I did not lose an ounce.  Hmmmm.  Can’t argue with success.   Anyway the day’s ride was scheduled to be in the 65 mile range.  I was feeling good.  The soreness had finally left my legs and I was all about enjoying the scenery and the RAGBRAI experience.  I stopped in Nora Springs for breakfast.  I had steak and eggs.  MMM…  I also had my picture taken.  It Rocks!  Next on the agenda was Rockford.  A nice little town, but a sad reminder of James Garner’s recent passing.

Marble Rock, IA.  Interesting museums.

Marble Rock, IA. Interesting museums.

Just prior to Marble Rock, I made daily stop at the Iowa Craft Beer Tent.  Today I was in the mood for a nice Heffe.  Marble Rock was a fun and historical town.  They had three small museums open to the public.  Many small towns like Marble Rock are dwindling as folks move to the cities.  It is great to see that people are working to preserve this history before it is lost.  Last year I was given a free postcard at a RAGBRAI pass through town.  It was a nice gesture and I tried to save it.  Sadly by the end of the day in my jersey pocket, it was trashed.  This year, I was given several postcards.  Instead of destroying them in my Jersey pocket, I would head directly to the post office and mail them to myself or friends.  It is a great time to let your idiot friends know that they are missing by not riding RAGBRAI.

Clarksville, IA...  A bird's eye view.

Clarksville, IA… A bird’s eye view.

Last stop for the day was Clarksville, IA.  I did not spend too much time looking around.  As I walked into town, I was blown away by the music.  They were called SNAX.  The girl is 16, the other member haven’t even made it out of their teens.  They played covers for the most part.  They made Bret Michaels and his panties look like a no talent ass clown!  I sat down and listened for about an hour.  I could not tear myself away.  The highlight of the show was their cover of ‘Me & Bobby McGee’ which was best known for being covered by Janis Joplin.  Maddie Poppe said the song was being played as a request for her grandpa who was in the audience.  Had you told me that a 16 year old girl could cover Janis Joplin’s song, I would have called you crazy.  She nailed it!  Attached is a terrible video with crappy sound, but maybe you will get the idea.  While you are at it… Check out SNAX Facebook page.    Just goes to show you never know what you will see on RAGBRAI.

Pie made by the Amish from a horse trailer at the side of the road.  MMMM!

Pie and handmade ice cream from the Amish from a horse trailer at the side of the road. MMMM!

Waverly, IA.

Waverly, IA.

Finally…  Waverly, IA the final stop.  We stayed at Wartburg College which had clean, cold showers and was very well organized.  Our bag drop was right on the route and not in some inconvenient, random place.  However, I spend most of the evening worrying about rain.  It looked as if we were going to get a thunderstorm that never materialized.  So I set off for town.  I met the folks behind Single Speed Brewing and sampled a White IPA.  I also dined with a gentleman with a reverse mohawk, pink fingernails and a scratch on his face.  He, his wife and his friends were from Dubuque.  Always interesting characters on RAGBRAI, but very nice.  When I went to sleep, there was not a cloud in the sky.  Perfect.

On the way...  Another 1,000 mile acheivement :)

On the way… Another 1,000 mile acheivement 🙂

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