Team Earworm

By | June 24, 2015

I will be leaving for RAGBRAI in less than a month.  After a tough year both personally and professionally, RAGBRAI will be a great escape.  There is a lot of work to be done, before the ride, but since I am riding solo, there is not a lot of coordination to be done.

However, it would be fun to ride with a team!  I have even put some thought into a RAGBRAI team.  So if I were part of a RAGBRAI time what would I want to do?   Two words:

Team Earworm

MP3 players and personal speakers have not changed the look of organized rides, but they have certainly changed the sound.  A day in the saddle at RAGBRAI or STP has become an ‘opportunity’ to sample other people’s personal musical preference.  Sometimes their preference is great sometimes, not so much.  If someone is listening to something good, you will alter your pace to listen in.  If someone is listening to something bad, you may sprint or even stop to escape the situation.  At RAGBRAI, people take sharing their music to the extreme, riding towing car batteries and car stereo systems.  It is quite the display.

Well I am not interested in towing a trailer and a car stereo, so Team Earworm would take a different approach.  Team Earworm will follow the swarm approach of music distribution.  Instead of a single large stereo we would have several wireless rechargeable Bluetooth speakers, one attached to each team member’s bike.  These Bluetooth speakers would all be connected to a single MP3 player or phone.  Bluetooth rechargeable speakers have a range of 30-40 feet and a battery life of up to 12 hours.  That is certainly enough to serve Team Earworm’s needs.  It is also more than enough range for a group of riders to spread the love to a wider group of people  I suspect all members of Team Earworm would have to have the same make and model and speaker to be sure we are all in sync, but what will we listen to?  How would Team Earworm work?

The members of Team Earworm would take turns controlling the tunes.  Each day would have a theme.  Example themes include: 80’s music, hair band day, grunge, disco, pop, gangsta rap.  This is just the beginning.  Many more ideas are possible.  However it is not Team Earworm without some high quality earworms.

So The Eye of the Tiger is a must for the day’s big climb!

When the team is feeling like it is time for a drink, this song is a must!

Yup Team Earworm is not always nice.  Do you like Pena Cononics?

Here is a list of a few more earworms for Team Earworm to spread to the people!

Going the Distance

Can’t Touch This

Ice Ice Baby



I will Survive


What earworms would you suggest for Team Earworm?  Would you like to ride with Team Earworm?

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