Review: Canari Ascent Shorts

By | December 3, 2014
Canari Ascent Short Featuring moose knuckle.

Canari Ascent Short Featuring the illusive moose knuckle.

Review: Canari Ascent Shorts

The price of cycling gear can be ridiculous!  A high quality pair of bib shorts can be $300 or more.  I bought a pair of Pearl Izumi Elite shorts last year and loved them.  Here is the review.  I do my best to buy quality gear, and I get as much use from it as possible.  Last summer, while preparing for RAGBRAI, the costs were really adding up.  I did not want to spend any more money, so I caved.  I bought a budget pair of cycling shorts at REI.  The Canari Ascent shorts were only $40.

The Canari Ascent shorts are made of a very shiny, smooth material.  We all know that cycling shorts are a bit emasculating by nature.  It is hard to be a manly-man while wearing skin-tight shorts with a padded butt.  However, these silky smooth drawers, feel like you have taken up cross dressing.  The most important part of any pair of cycling shorts are the chamois.  The Ascent has a substantial, firm chamois which feels like it would take some the sting out of a hard day in the saddle.  So, I have had the Canari Ascent shorts for nearly six months, what did I get for the money?


Canari Logo worn off.

Canari Logo worn off.

  1. That silky soft material makes me feel pretty.  ‘Oh so pretty!’
  2. The fit of the shorts is not the best.  They wrinkle, and bunch.
  3. The Canari logo wore off.
  4. Chamois feels bulky and does not really move with you off the bike.


  1. Despite the strange fit, the shorts are actually comfortable.
  2. The ‘Oh So Pretty’ material is actually holding up well to use and abuse.
  3. The chamois is comfortable for a long day in the saddle.


The Canari Ascent shorts are budget cycling shorts.  As one would expect, they are not perfect.  However, they do their job.  They hold up to some use and take some of the the sting out of a long day in the saddle.  If you can accept some imperfection, they are a Ascents are a decent pair of shorts.  Plus they may not admit it, but most guys want to feel pretty sometimes.

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