Review: Park Tool Super Patch Kit Redux, Trail of Tears

By | July 1, 2014
My stack of Park Tool Super Patch Kit repaired tubes...  Worthless!

My stack of Park Tool Super Patch Kit repaired tubes… Worthless!

A few weeks ago, I reviewed the Park Tool Super Patch Kit.  At that point, I had been using it for about a year (4-5 tubes) without any problems.  They were so easy to use.  You just prep the surface and apply them.  What could be easier?!  I usually have a stack of tubes to repair.  I patched them all in preparation for my review.  To test my patch job, I fill the tube and leave it hanging in my work space.  If they stay inflated for a couple weeks, they are safe to put in a tire.  This testing method has never failed me with the old fashioned tubes.

Well since writing my review, my experience has been a trail of tears and frustration.  I had a flat last week on the way to work.  It was frustrating, but I installed another tube and was on my way.  My tire was flat by the end of the day.  I filled it back up and rode home.  When I got there, I installed another tube repaired with a Park Tool Super Patch Kit.  The next morning, it went flat.  This process repeated far too many times.

The last straw came last Thursday.  I put the second to last of my Park Tool Super Patch Kit repaired tubes in and filled to 80 psi.  The following morning, I got up and it still held 80 psi.  This is encouraging!  However, I usually ride at about 110-120 psi.  Before I left for work, I pumped it up to 110 psi and headed out the door.  Within 30 seconds, I heard the all too familiar and dreaded hiss.  My tire was flat within moments.  As you would expect, I was very annoyed.  Upon further inspection, the Park Tool Super Patch Kit did not withstand the increased pressure and separated from the tube.  I went to the bike shop, bought a couple new tubes and an old school patch kit to start all over again.

I was really hoping for more from the Park Tool Super Patch Kit.  Throwing away tubes is so wasteful and the old fashioned method of patching tubes is messy and time consuming.  I was hoping for a better option!  Maybe it was not designed to handle that much pressure, maybe my preparation was not adequate.  I would love to know if this is the case.  However, based on my experience, I can no longer recommend the Park Tool Super Patch Kit.  I just cannot trust it.

2 thoughts on “Review: Park Tool Super Patch Kit Redux, Trail of Tears

  1. David

    I’ve had the same experience. The Slime brand stick-on patches stop working after a few months. The Park tool patches don’t stick with high pressure. Velox glue on patches always work!

    1. admin Post author


      Thanks for the comment. Now I also know to avoid Slime patches.



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