RSVP 2011 Day 2 Archive

By | September 25, 2012

I spent a turbulent night in a tent after day one of the RSVP.  But you say to yourself, ‘CYCLEBUTTCRACK…  There are no camp sites available in Bellingham for RSVP!’  You are correct!  It is a long story.  Needless to say I was so concerned about bringing you the BUTTCRACK that I failed to investigate this key detail.  I do wonder who in the hell would organize a ride without camping?  CASCADE!  No matter, a good time was had and I saw a deer. 
I woke to a warm overcast morning perfect for riding.  Blasting through Bellingham in the quiet, still morning is one of my favorite parts of RSVP.  I stopped for b-fast at Starbucks.  From there it was on to Lynden.  Breakfast at the Dutch Mother in Lynden is a RSVP tradition.  They have attractive waitresses and a breakfast buffet every year.  Since I was flying solo this year, I skipped it.  After Lynden, it’s Canada.  I love riding in Canada.  I just wish it were easy to change my cycling computer from miles to km.  Then I would be legit J  Day two does not have a lot of climbing.  There are long, slow grinding flats broken up by the wall.  The wall is perhaps ¼ of a mile and nearly vertical.  The wall is evil!  The ride into Vancouver takes the long route around the city.  It is hot, you are tired, there is lots of traffic and the terrein becomes lumpy.  However, I love this part of the ride.  I always get a boost knowing the finish is close.  It is a total rush.  I stand up for most climbs.  No more holding back.  Here I am in Vancouver!