RSVP Day 2 or happy Canadians make us wait at the border

By | August 21, 2013
Dutch Mother in Lynden.  Your Dutch Mother loves you!

The second day of RSVP is great. There is the traditional phenomenal breakfast in Lynden, WA where your Dutch Mother loves you. The Dutch Mother sets up a special buffet especially for RSVP. It is an RSVP tradition. There is also hill climbing.  After breakfast and our time at the border, we all dread ‘The Wall.’  ‘The Wall’ is an evil hill between a quarter and a half of a mile long and somewhere between 20% and 99% grade.  This year we missed that climb due to some road construction.  I actually felt a little guilty, but hey, I figured I’ve ridden about 1800 miles of the RSVP route over the years, so I guess missing the hill this year ain’t such a big deal.

Long border line 🙁

Overall, RSVP is one of my favorite organized rides. Not as many people as STP, very challenging and has some beautiful views. And yeah, you get to go to Canada. Usually, that’s a simple border stop, show your passport and bib number and you’re back on the bike in a flash. This year? Not sure what happened, but there was a border bike backup. Bike backup at the border? We waited and waited…  For at least an hour. When it was finally my turn, it took less than 20 seconds to be checked off the list, so it’s a complete mystery.  What took so long?!  However, in true stereotypical fashion, the Canadian border guards were happy and polite, no matter how many surly cyclists they faced.

Once across the border, the ride was uneventful. I did have to miss my annual splash in the spray park at the last food stop, it was just a little too chilly for these CHEEKS. But I got to break out the new jersey. It’s all about BEER. Tired of those snobby beer jerseys advertising their brand? Can’t commit to porter or IPA? I’ve got the jersey for you…it proclaims clearly your love of BEER. Any and all. Just BEER. My favorite quote from the ride? “Hey man, I’d love one of those BEERS in your back pocket!” The only appropriate response? “Just save one for me!” And of course they are for sale, just pop on over to the shop and stock up!

Speaking of Beer.  Here is your free RSVP tip.  Ride From Seattle to Vancouver and Party of course has to feature a party held at the Coast hotel.  You get a ticket in your ride packet for a beer OR burger and chips.  You can also purchase more tickets.  Beers are $8 and burgers and chips are $12.  For my money, I think the best bang for my ticket is the burger and chips.  However, if you still want a beer, head down to the hotel bar where you can get a view of the finish line and beers are only $5.90.

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