The Seattle Bike Show. It’s Back

By | November 6, 2014
The new venue!

The new venue!

I wrote a post about the cancellation of the Seattle Bike Expo.

Cancelled – The Seattle Bike Expo  

I was surprised and upset.  The expo has been a bust in recent years, but surely a city with a thriving bike culture can support a bike expo.  Well it really does look like someone has been reading my blog.  I was excited to get this e-mail:


Hi Lance,

We’re excited to announce, that thanks to a new partnership, the Seattle Bike Expo will return for its 25th year.  Now known as the Seattle Bike Show, the new event will take place at CenturyLink Field Event Center in Seattle, Feb. 28 through Mar. 1 in conjunction with the Travel, Trips & Adventures Expo.

Cascadia Events of Seattle will be taking over production of the show, with Cascade Bicycle Club providing assistance to the show’s content and direction.

Attendees and exhibitors alike can still expect the same great opportunities for checking out the latest in bicycling, gear and adventures in a new and more accessible event location.

“Cascadia Events is very excited by this new partnership,” said event producer John Tipping. “With help from the Cascade Bicycle Club, we hope to build on the existing strengths while adding new exhibits. Seattle Bike Show vendors will also benefit with the opportunity to market to the Travel, Trips and Adventures Expo attendees.


Seattle Bike Show Highlights for this year:

  • Bikes, bike gear, bike travel packages and more – ALL AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE
  • 2 Speaking/Presentation Stages
  • Convenient bicycle friendly location – CenturyLink Field Event Center
  • Secure Bike Corral parking benefitting Bike Works
  • New single $10 ticket covers the cost of both the Seattle Bike Show and the Travel, Trips & Adventures Expo. (Cascade Bicycle Club will also offer members an additional ticket discount)
  • New Beer & Distilled Spirits Garden
  • Easy access to venue for both exhibitors and attendees
  • Additional interactive and outdoor oriented adventure activities including a 250-foot indoor Zip Line, Paddle & Demonstration Pool for kayak & canoe demos, bouldering wall & more!



The Seattle Bike Show.  It’s Back

WOW!  I got everything I asked for.  The expo is now in the location I suggested, the exhibitor fee is, for the moment, is reduced and they will be incorporating a beer garden.  Who could ask for anything more?!

Still I am not sure that CYCLEBUTTCRACK will be attending.  It is expensive, a lot of work and last year I only sold a handful of jerseys.  I have been told that expos are primarily advertising opportunities, but at this point after such slow jersey sales, I can’t afford an event that does not even cover costs.  As always I am hopeful that something changes in the near future.  Either way, I look forward to attending the new and hopefully improved ‘Seattle Bike Show.’

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