Small victory!

By | August 11, 2013

Puget Sound’s Link Light Rail has a new advertising campaign extolling the virtues of combining cycling and light rail for your commute.  This is a lovely idea.  I do not have any place at work to shower.  I could ride my bike to the train station, ride the train downtown then ride my bike home.  That way I would not be too stinky while at work and I could still get some miles in on my way home.  In practice, however this can be a challenge.  Train bike storage is shared with luggage storage and the train serves the airport.  Think you are going to find a spot to hand your bike?!  Think again BUTTHEAD!  The typical day finds me standing with my bike on the train, trying my best to stay out of everyone’s way.  That was until Friday this week when I finally found a spot for my bike!  One day this week I was able to sit down, relax and enjoy my train commute.  It is a small victory, but I will take it.

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