Tale of two seasons.

By | November 13, 2012

Cycling season came to an early conclusion for me this year.  Here in Seattle, it can extend all the way into early November.  This year, we were not so fortunate.  Me being the fair weather wussy cyclist that I am could not fathom braving the cold and the wet through 6 months of dreary damp gloom.  So my bikes hang on their hooks, looking longingly at me every time I walk into my bedroom.  I denied it at first.  I would say, ‘The weather will be better tomorrow.  I will ride then.’  As expected, next came anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance.  Cycling season is over.  Sigh.  Now begins the second season.

In Seattle the cycling season begins with a whimper in Februrary.  If the weather cooperates, I ride Chilly Hilly.  It is a short ride around Bainbridge Island, but she is a cruel mystress.  True to form, she is Hilly.  If you are not prepared, it is a lung blistering, leg trashing painfull ordeal.  From there I spend the rest of my season trying to look like this>
Any chance I get, I get out to ride in preparation for the Summer’s big local rides;  STP, RSVP and RAMROD.  I work in some bike commutes as the season progresses.  This year I have added yoga to my normal traning routine.  However, the vast majority of my time spent working out, is spent on my bike.

Now it is the second season.  This is the time of year that I spent trying to look like this<. 
The second season is dominated by strength training.  Following the pattern of the last couple years.  I will be ‘bringing it, ‘pushing play,’ and ‘doing my best and forgetting the rest’ with that Horton guy.  As the season progresses, I add some spin classes, more yoga and mountain biking.  It is natural to feel a little sore because of this drastic change, but I have already injured myself this off season.  How?  Sleeping.  Ugh.  I am so old!!!

My year is broken into two halves.  In the summer, I try to do my very, very poor impression of a 150 lb elite cyclist.  In the winter I try to be the burly muscle man.  In actuality I look and feel like this>

I have improved a lot as a cyclist over the last couple years.  More importantly, my friends have improved as well.  If I have any hope of staying ahead of some and not falling further behind others, I need to get more organized.  More importantly, I need to get motivated! 

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    1. Lance O

      I would but I am afraid to say that I am not a fan of cold, clamy cheeks 🙂 With a name like Snow… I would expect you to ride no matter what the weather!!!

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