“That’s the best jersey in the Expo!”

By | July 21, 2013

So CYCLEBUTTCRACK has made it to the Midwest! You learn a lot of random things at airports- did you know that Omaha is the birthplace of Gerald Ford? And the home of the College World Series? Thanks to CB, now you do….no need to thank me, this is a full-service blog!

Anyhow, back to cycling and the reason CB is in the Midwest- RAGBRAI. RAGBRAI 2013 Expo Council Bluffs is my first expo.  Dragging myself and gear halfway across the country for my first expo was not the best idea. First of all, wow, shipping stuff from Seattle to Nebraska is a lot of work. Poor me in the airport with a huge cart, but I guess that’s the price you pay to reach your fans.

Today was the kickoff Expo, and it was great to meet people from all over the country who are here to ride, or maybe they just like people in spandex? Hard to say! I did have grand plans to sell all of my inventory, but luckily for you slackers who are still figuring out what size they are, I have a few left!  Lots of folks commented it was their favorite jersey of the Expo, or that it would be perfect for cousin Melvin. An early Christmas present, perhaps? I scored extra points by having water for sale, and despite doubling the price (ok, from a quarter to 50 cents!) I sold out by mid-afternoon. Come on, Iowans, didn’t you know it was going to be hot?

A bonus for RAGBRAI riders- enterainment every night! The Seattle to Portland ride has some music between days, and at the ending festivities in Portland, but Iowa has them beat and I’ve only been here one day.  To kick things off, Better Than Ezra, a band I remember from my misspent youth. You may remember their mid-90s hit “ Good” and it was great to hear live.

The ride starts tomorrow from Council Bluffs, Iowa, and goes until the 27th. I’m looking forward to seeing Iowa, sharing cycling stories, including how CB came to be, and most importantly, figuring out why RAGBRAI’s logo features a pig riding a bicycle. Maybe I could get him to wear a CYCLEBUTTCRACK jersey next year?

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