The Seattle Bike Expo… Pier 91, March 1-2, 2014.

By | February 11, 2014

I usually participate in the Chilly Hilly.  To many, it marks the official start of the Northwest cycling season.  I have participated in the Chilly Hilly twice now.  It does not feel like the start of the cycling season.  It feels like fighting for survival in the depth of winter.  It is usually cold, often wet and too many winter beers and the evil forces of lethargy have resulted in me being terribly out of shape.  My ride starts with high hopes and ends with leg cramps.  Despite this I hope to participate in this year’s Chilly Hilly.

If there is an event that marks the beginning of the cycling season for me, it is the Seattle Bicycle Expo.  The Expo is a two day expo held March 1st-2nd.  It features attendance from 7,000-9,000 and nearly 200 exhibitors.  The exhibitors include, bike manufacturers, ride organizers as well as clothing, food and gear.  I supply myself for the upcoming season at the bike expo.  I talk with ride organizers and collect brochures.  After the expo, I often meet with a good friend in a local watering hole to compare notes, look at our calendars and decide what rides to tackle in the upcoming year.  This is how you kick off a cycling season!

There are a number of booths I will make a point of seeing at this year’s Seattle Bike Expo.  Here are some of the highlights:

Bike Manufacturers:

  • Giant – Pretty much everyone knows Giant.  I own a 2003 OCR 01 which has been to hell and back carrying my heavy ass around.  Last year at RAGBRAI I rode a demo TCR Advanced SL-2.  Here is my review.  I am want to see what is next from Giant.
  • Eddy Merckx – Anyone who knows anything about racing has heard this name.  Eddy was a monster!  I have heard great things about his bikes.  This is a great chance to see what they have to offer.
  • Co-Motion – Oregon based steel and aluminum bike manufacturer.  They are known for tandems, but build beautifully crafted singles as well.  I always make a point to stop by their booth.  I mention them in my carbon concerns series.  
  • Renovo – Wood bike manufacturer based in Portland.  I mention this bikes in my carbon concerns series.  They are dead sexy and in upcoming weeks, I will be touring their facility, and taking a test ride for the blog.  I am really looking forward to it.


  • Cycle Greater Yellowstone – I really want to do this ride.  I grew up in this area.  It is going to be a beast of a ride.  I wrote about it in the blog.  Here it is.
  • RAMROD – Ride Around Mount Rainier in One Day.  That is all the explanation you need.  This ride organized by the Redmond Cycling Club is intense.  I have done it three times.  I am wondering if I will have time to do it again this year.
  • Lake Chelan Century – The folks at Lake Chelan Rotary put on the Lake Chelan Century.  This is a tough ride that I have yet to finish.  Sign up for the ride at the expo, and get a bottle of wine.


  • Nuun – I love NUUN!!!  They have every flavor that you can’t find at the expo.  I usually get a couple of tubes.
  • Clif – Clif Bars makes some tasty products and I can’t say no to free samples.

This is just a start.  Of course there will be much more to discover at this year’s Expo.  However, no trip to the Seattle Bike Expo is complete without a trip to booth number 123!!!  Booth 123 is near the entrance to the Expo and this year will be home to CYCLEBUTTCRACK!!!  I am excited to be participating in my first Expo and I am really hoping to make an impression with my sweet CHEEKS!!!

The CYCLEBUTTCRACK Classic Cycling

We will have the following the Expo:

The CYCLEBUTTCRACK Classic Cycling Jersey – This is the jersey that started it all for me.  I never get
tired of the wonderful reactions I get from people when I wear it.

The BEER Cycling Jersey – This jersey made its debut at last year’s RAGBRAI.  This jersey makes you think of a post ride brew.  This jersey also has a secret.  The pinstripes are designed to give a slimming appearance.

The Cheeky T-shirt –  This is my first t-shirt.  It makes a great impression at your favorite watering hole.

CYCLEBUTTCRACK Stickers!  –  These stickers will make their debut at the Expo.  They are available for purchase but will be free if you buy a jersey.


Free BEER!!!  Yes that is right!  I am giving away beer at the EXPO.  How is this possible?  Well you will have to come to the booth and find out.

I am very excited about participating in this year’s expo.  I hope to meet lots and lots of current and future BUTTHEADS!

CYCLEBUTTCRACK is your purveyor of CHEEKY cycling gear.  Head to 
or for funny cycling jerseys, The BEER cycling Jersey and T-shirts!

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