Turn the other Cheek 2014…

By | December 31, 2013

On the CYCLEBUTTCRACK Facebook page, I asked for suggestions for this evening’s blog post. ‘Turning the other CHEEK in 2014’ was the suggestion of the day.  It is new years week, a time for reflection.  So why not take a moment to reflect on where CYCLEBUTTCRACK has been and where CYCLEBUTTCRACK is going.

I have written repeatedly about the the inspiration for CYCLEBUTTCRACK.  From the very first time that I donned the SWEET CHEEKS of the CYCLEBUTTCRACK Classic Jersey, I have been making friends and received many great words of encouragement.  Some memorable quotes from my fellow cyclists include:

  • ‘The back of your jersey looks like a BUTTCRACK!  Is that on purpose?!’  Um Duh!  I have heard this a lot.  I never know how to respond without being a sarcastic ass.
  • Wow!  That thing is realistic!  I pulled over because I did not want to follow you!  That is awesome.’  The Classic Jersey’s unintended benefit a reduction in wheel suckers!
  • ‘It is a good thing that isn’t real!  I was going to have to put a quarter in that thing!’  Uh…  How many quarters have you put in real BUTTCRACKS?
  • ‘Your jersey is disgusting!  I like it!’  Thanks!
  • ‘Look at that jersey!  Can we get a picture’  My CHEEKY Jersey and I have posed for many photos.
  • ‘Are you responsible for that jersey?  Don’t quit your day job.’  This did upset me, but I have only received 2 negative comments after thousands of miles.  That is fantastic.
  • ‘Nice Ass!’  From a passing car which slowed down to let me know 🙂
  • ‘That is an awesome bike shirt thing!’  Driver pulled over to talk to me.
If that were not enough, this year marked the introduction of the CYCLEBUTTCRACK BEER Cycling Jersey.  It made its debut at RAGBRAI.  Once again the feedback was awesome and included!
  • ‘I love that Jersey!’  Thank you!
  • I want one of those BEERS in your pockets!’  Okay, but be sure to leave one for me! (They aren’t real you know…)
  • Hey there is our motivation!  A nice cold beer at the end of the ride!’  Yup!  I am a friendly reminder!


So what is next for CYCLEBUTTCRACK? The feedback has been great, but the sales have been slow.  Painfully slow.  It is my goal to Turn the other CHEEK in 2014.  I want to turn many, many CHEEKS in 2014 and sell a lot of CHEEKY jerseys this year.  Look for me at the Seattle Bike Expo in March.  I also plan on making a triumphant return to RAGBRAI and the RAGBRAI Expo.  I would love to hear other suggestions from friends both virtual and real.
I need to get my BUTTCRACK in front of a lot of faces and Turn the other CHEEK in 2014!  Wish me luck!
CYCLEBUTTCRACK is your purveyor of CHEEKY cycling gear.  
Head to CYCLEBUTTCRACK.com or BEERCyclingJersey.com for funny cycling jerseys, The BEER cycling Jersey and T-shirts!

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