Upcoming RAGBRAI- and NEW GEAR!

By | July 18, 2013

Almost a year ago, a kind, enthusiastic BUTTHEAD posted on Facebook that she would love to see a CYCLEBUTTCRACK booth at the next RAGBRAI.  What is RAGBRAI, you may well ask….It’s only the longest, largest and oldest bicycling tour in the world. (And it stands for “Registrar’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa”) What a great idea- it’s time to take this BUTTCRACK out of the Pacific Northwest. I’m leaving for Iowa on Friday! http://ragbrai.com/

As a roadie, I have a number of organized rides under my belt.  I’ve done the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic seven times (twice as a one-day rider!).  I’ve also ridden most of the well-known rides in the NW- RSVP, RAMROD, Tour de Blast, RAPSODY, etc. These have been one or two day efforts.  RAGBRAI is 7 days, 400+ miles in Iowa heat and humidity.  And I don’t mind telling you, I’m a little concerned about how my body will react once I hit day 3. Will the heat be too much?  We NW riders can be pretty wimpy when the humidy climbs too high!

CYCLEBUTTCRACK has built a following of awesome folks on Facebook.  I am grateful for all of you- you have made this little experiment fun for me and I appreciate every positive comment on a ride or thumbs up on Facebook.  I’m still a one-man show, though, and I’ve noticed it’s hard to pitch a jersey when I can barely breathe going up a climb.  I also assume most riders are thinking more about their form, or the descent, or the @*$! hill we are climbing, rather than buying a jersey!

But guess what? I’m going to have a booth at RAGBRAI, complete with plenty of CYCLEBUTTCRACK gear- including a brand new item (Hint: Mmmm, beer)! The logistics of getting myself, my bike and a booth half way across the country have been mind-boggling.  There is insurance, hotels, tent rental, car rental, storage…  The list goes on and on, but it doesn’t matter- I am so excited to meet people!  Come say hi at the CYCLEBUTTCRACK booth and check out my gear!

I will be bringing the following items with me to RAGBRAI:

The Classic CYCLEBUTTCRACK Jersey. Bound to get attention on every ride, this jersey is the first CYCLEBUTTCRACK product and one that still makes me grin after 3 years.

The CYCLEBUTTCRACK Cheeky T-shirt is a dead-sexy cotton T-shirt for after-ride festivities.

Drum roll please! I will be be debuting the CYCLEBUTTCRACK BEER Jersey at RAGBRAI.  Don’t want to commit to just one brewery or one beer for your jersey? Here’s the perfect option!

So if you’re in Iowa next week, come say hello. And if you’re not in Iowa next week, you can follow my adventures on the blog. I’ll be posting regularly!

CYCLEBUTTCRACK is your purveyor of CHEEKY cycling gear.  Head to CYCLEBUTTCRACK.com or BEERCyclingJersey.com for funny cycling jerseys, The BEER cycling Jersey and T-shirts!

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