West Seattle Loop 2011 Archive

By | September 25, 2012
Outside of being the face and all four cheeks of CYCLEBUTTCRACK.com, I am currently holding down two jobs and a small side project.  At times, it can be overwhelming.  Such was the case on Sunday, August 14.  I had not ridden since RSVP and no matter how much I struggled I felt like I was falling further and further behind.  These are the times when it is hardest to stop everything and go for a ride.  These are also the   times when I need to ride the most.  So I stopped what I was doing, put on my full CYCLEBUTTCRACK regalia and went for a ride.  I set my sites on the West Seattle loop.  From my house it is a 25 mile ride and takes me by Alki Beach.  Despite all the activity on Alki, it is one of my favorite places to ride.
On this day, the West Seattle Loop was not to be a pleasant jaunt around the neighborhood.  I had some stress to burn.  I was going to drop the hammer!  (As much as a mid 30’s 6’-3” Clydesdale can drop the hammer).  About halfway through my ride I passed a fellow cyclist with saddlebags, racks and fenders.  I did not think a thing of it until he rolled up to me at the next stop sign.  He asked if that was a BUTTCRACK on my jersey, (I get that a lot.)  It turns out this fellow was Eric, author and creator of Tubulocity.com.   He told me about his blog, shot some photos and we discussed my jersey, his blog and t-shirt sales.  He had some great advice and insight.  On the way we took a quick detour to Jack Blok Park http://www.yelp.com/biz/jack-block-park-seattle  I had ridden past this little gem quite literally hundreds of times and had no idea it was there.  What a fantastic view of the city. 
I am a luddite when it comes to the blogging world, but I have been really impressed with tubulocity.com.  Eric was kind enough to write a nice article on me and my jersey.  It has already greatly increased my web traffic.  Seeing what he can do, it is my goal to make my own blog better.  Look for more links in the future assuming I can find the time.