What are the French saying about your BUTTCRACK? CYCLEBUTTCRACK in Blogs.

By | April 22, 2014

CYCLEBUTTCRACK has been around for a while now.  I have learned a lot in the process.  I started this blog, I created a couple websites and have shipped to every corner of the United States and sent a fair share of jerseys to Australia.  CYCLEBUTTCRACK is making an impression all over.  I am amazed when I meet someone who is familiar with my jerseys.  Maybe they have seen one on a ride or one of their buddies sent them a link.  Maybe they read about them in a blog.  Whatever the reason, CYCLEBUTTCRACK gets awesome feedback and I really appreciate it.  So this week, I thought I would share some of the impressions CYCLEBUTTCRACK has made on the Blog-o-sphere!

Tubulicty was my first blog appearance.  I met Eric on a ride around Alki

CYCLEBUTTCRACK's Blog debut in Tubulocity

CYCLEBUTTCRACK’s Blog debut in Tubulocity

Beach in Seattle.  I was in a foul mood and riding hard.  When I passed him, he noticed my eye catching jersey and asked me to pull over.  The rest is history.  Eric is a nice guy and I enjoyed meeting him.  However, unfortunately he has moved on from the blog and no longer posts.  I still drop by from time to time to read an article.

Not long after CYCLEBUTTCRACK appeared in Tubulocity, I got a call from Gene.  Gene is the driving force behind Biking Bis.  We eventually met for a phone interview which was used for the Blog post.  Other than a missed date, i really like Gene’s article about CYCLEBUTTCRACK.  I would also like to note that Biking Bis is my favorite cycling blog.  He is very prolific and his articles are very informative.  You should check it out!  I was stunned to see how much traffic this post brought to CYCEBUTTCRACK.com and I still see a steady stream traffic from Biking Bis!
Bike Forums is a very popular message board.  I have seen CYCLEBUTTCRACK mentioned in a number of these sites.  If you want honest and often brutal criticism, you will find it here!  Some of the first real criticism CYCLEBUTTCRACK received was on such a site.  I was still new and remarkably thin skinned and it hurt my little feelings.  Luckily I am much tougher now.  Notice that all of the comments on the thread are not positive.  THAT IS THE IDEA!  Half the fun of the CYCLEBUTTCRACK Jersey is that a few people will be shocked.  That makes it that much funnier in my opinion 🙂
Another great gift for the cyclist who has everything.  You are right, a CYCLEBUTTCRACK jersey is a great gift.  (Very subtle Hint!)  Often times I know nothing of a blog prior or a post about CYCLEBUTTCRACK until I get traffic from a new and interesting place.  It is fun to see what people are saying about the jerseys and learning about a new blog in the process.  Unfortunately The Century Trek blog has waned in recent months.  I hope it comes back, it has good content.
From Oddee.  From the why didn't I think of that department.

From Oddee. From the
why didn’t I think of
that department.


Being posted in Oddee was pretty awesome.  Oddee has over 149k followers on Facebook!  As you would expect, the traffic from this CYCLEBUTTCRACK posting was huge!!!  Although I do have to disagree with their premise that I am trying to confuse the viewers.  CYCLEBUTTCRACK is a gentle and very subtle reminder to check your crack!  It is a simple visual cue.  There is nothing confusing about that!!  🙂
I have to wonder what they were thinking when they posted my images on VibrantNation.com.  I don’t fit in at all.  I guess it is the advantage of CYCLEBUTTCRACK.  My ass is all over the internet!
CYCLEBUTTCRACK has been published in French Blogs and German and Norwegian as well.  It is pretty cool thinking that my efforts in Seattle can be seen around the world!  If I choose not to translate the pages, I can believe that everything they say is good!!!
Well That is a quick rundown of CYCLEBUTTCRACK’s blog appearances.  It is clear there are a lot more people out there who love them some CRACK!!!  I am always interested in making more blog appearances!  Hint, Hint! 🙂

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